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Design Services for Homeowners and Renters

We offer a range of services to help homeowners and renters live in a homey space.

We'll help you create a furniture layout that keeps function and scale at the heart of the plan. 


Whether you're looking to refresh your space or add new furniture pieces, one important thing to consider is scale and layout.

Knowing the proper scale in space planning is more important than you may think.  Without taking scale into consideration, your space may result in furniture being too large or too small for the room. 


Devon Kubloor Design's space planning services help you select the right pieces for the best layout.

Finding the right finishing material which may include stone, tile, cabinets, flooring, furniture, lighting, fabric, and finishing touches is one of the most time-consuming parts of the design process. Texture, color, undertones, sheen, and comfort are all a part of the designer's consideration, ensuring the intended mood for the space.


A combination of options are available.  Either a designer provides a palette of options narrowing the clients’ choices that fits the optimal comfort and vision, or the client can source the palette of options from endless sources and a designer recommends what works from that palette to accomplish the vision (Second Eye).


Some sourcing requires both client and designer inspecting the material together to optimize the right choice for the space.

Many choices must be made when you purchase a new home or decide to remodel the one you have. 


Good flow and cohesiveness require more than the same paint color throughout the home.  


Devon Kubloor Design can ensure the best design for your budget. 

There’s a budding designer in many homeowners, and at times they would like a trained eye to help them choose between materials.  


This can be a very reasonable way to feel in control of the budget and the final design. 

Did you know that you no longer need to stay confined to the "white wall apartment" look?  There are many non-damaging design options available to renters to spruce up an apartment with your personal style while staying within landlord guidelines. 

Devon Kubloor Design will help you make that apartment feel like home sweet home.

Schedule a Consultation

We offer a free consultation which includes:

  • Discovery Phase:  Getting acquainted with you and discussing your design needs.


If you decide to use our firm, a second visit to your home will be scheduled where we will:

  • Measure the project space.

  • Discuss inspiration photos.

  • Talk about your design budget.

  • Discuss scheduling of various aspects of the project.

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