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"What I enjoy most about what I do is being creative.  Just being able to help interpret clients’ visions for their space is a joy. 


After the project is completed, clients realize they have been living in a space, but now it feels like home." 

                                                                         --- Gail Alexander

Gail Alexander.jpg

Next Level Interior Design

Devon Kubloor Design, LLC was established in 2006.  Gail Alexander, principal designer, completed her design training in 2000 at Harcourt, focusing on space planning and interior décor.

Gail's love for interior design and art started from a young age and her parents, also creative people, supported her creativity.

Designing a space for a client is a journey for all of us.  In the beginning the client is the guide explaining function and wishes for their space. Once Gail understands their needs and vision, she becomes the guide to the steps and stages needed to accomplish that vision which will better their lives.

Gail is knowledgeable about more than interior design aesthetics.  Because of her many years in the field, she understands a lot about residential construction as well. 

She has acted as her own general contractor and project manager with her recent home remodel and because of such great reviews, Gail sold it sooner than she expected.

Although she doesn't consider herself a construction expert, and doesn't offer these services to clients, the insight and experience Gail developed during her home renovation process brings unique and valuable insight to homeowners regarding renovation and design projects.  (Visit our Portfolio page.)

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