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Serving Union, Somerset & Middlesex Counties

Residential Interior Design

Turn Your Interior Design Dreams Into Reality

Devon Kubloor Design, LLC is a New Jersey interior design firm. We specialize in helping homeowners feel more comfortable in their homes by expressing themselves through personal style.

The firm's interior design services aren't limited to residential properties. Devon Kubloor Design also assists renters in creating unique living spaces using non-damaging products and solutions.

Welcome to Devon Kubloor Design, LLC—where your home aligns with your authentic essence!


Your key to realizing the potential of your living area is Devon Kubloor Design, an Interior designer in central Jersey. Our expertise brings each homeowner's distinct personality to life by transforming houses into customized havens. We are passionate about designing unique retreats and infusing each project with style and purpose. Put your trust in Devon Kubloor Design to transform your house into a place that perfectly captures your unique style and personality.


Customized Interior Design Services for Homes


At Devon Kubloor Design, we recognize that your house is an extension of your individuality and not just a physical location. We provide Residential Interior Design services to homeowners who want a little uniqueness everywhere they look. We create environments that complement your tastes and way of life, whether they are classic elegance or modern chic.


Design Options for Tenants and Homeowners


Whether you own or rent, everyone should have a place that feels like theirs. Our group specializes in bringing rental spaces to life with gorgeous, non-intrusive designs. We guarantee that renters can enjoy the joy of a customized home without constraints by paying close attention to detail and providing a wide range of non-damaging products.


Northern and Central Counties Reliable Interior Design Partner


With pride, Devon Kubloor Design provides elegant and practical home design services to the varied communities of Northern and Central Counties and Plainfield’s surrounding towns. Our knowledge of New Jersey's various regions allows us to assist you whether you're searching for a skilled home interior designer in Northern Jersey or reasonably priced design solutions in Central Jersey.


Whole House Designing Procedure


With our thorough design process, take the first steps toward turning your house into a home in a seamless manner. From concept to reality, we guide you with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to high-quality craftsmanship. Our process ensures your vision becomes a stunning reality, surpassing expectations every step of the way.


Customized Décor and Home Styling


Utilize our accomplished interior styling services to elevate your living areas. Every space gains refinement and individuality from Devon Kubloor Design, which infuses a feeling of coziness and charm that suits your particular preferences.


Get to Know Devon Kubloor, the Designs' Creative Mind


Our company's visionary founder, Devon Kubloor, infuses each project with unparalleled creativity and experience. Her natural ability to combine style and utility has made her an accomplished interior designer in New Jersey.


Providing Accessible Luxuries Right at Your Door


Luxury Interior design companies near North Plainfield

shouldn't have to cost the earth. Thanks to our dedication to affordability, every homeowner can afford exquisite interior design by Devon Kubloor Design.


Upgrade Your Living Areas Right Now!


With Devon Kubloor Design, you can learn the art of exquisite interior design—where innovation and elegance collide. Whether we're designing the interior of your new home or revamping your living room, let us help you make your area a reflection of your distinct style.


To begin creating your dream home, get in contact with us right away!

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